What is ACCA?
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Become a global CA with ACCA. A UK-based programme that gives you the liberty to practice accounting in India and overseas.

ACCA is recognized in 181 countries throughout the world. ACCA is a professional qualification, and it is recognized in Canada. More than 200,000 members are present, and you will find a good network of professionals in the country. An ACCA course in Delhi creates a good opening for a student to build their career. Anyone who has completed their 12th boards can pursue the ACCA course. You can learn more about the ACCA course details directly from the official website.

What Is ACCA?
•Globally Recognised
ACCA is based on international accounting standards, making it the only global professional accountancy Qualification •worthy for future.
Working with top employers, we’ve ensured that our syllabus gives you the Skills and knowledge to stand out in the professional world on international grounds.
The ACCA Qualification is relevant to every sector of accountancy and finance, so it opens up opportunities for you to work in different industries and roles, and progress up to a senior level.
We offer a completely flexible approach to learning, with options to study full-time or part-time along with work and all important on-the-job training.
•Employment Opportunities
We’ll provide you with the knowledge in all areas of accountancy to open up your employment opportunities, and ensure that you have a full skillset to help you develop into a complete finance professional.
Supported by top employers
79% of employers say that ACCA helps to grow their business by providing accountants with the skills and capabilitiesthey need for success.

ACCA has tie-ups with many prestigious accounting bodies across the globe which gives an ACCA Affiliate an opportunity to become a member of that accounting body. It helps to get recognition in many countries.

ACCA syllabus at VEEKSHA education covers the detailed study of IFRS, Financial Management, Costing, Taxation, and Audit.Â