Hospital administration is a process by which skilled men/women help organize and oversee the daily activities of a healthcare facility. Their role includes managing the staff, and overall activities of a healthcare institution. Hospital Administrators are involved in planning, human resource management, staffing, public relations, and accounting in relation to the medical facility.
Overall they make sure the facility is run smoothly. The human resources, law and order and financial aspects of a hospital are planned, directed and coordinated by a specific workforce. These are a group of individuals who have specialised in hospital administration and management sciences.
They collaborate with other professionals such as doctors, paramedical staff and nurses.
The hospital administration course at VEEKSHA EDUCATION is designed such that it helps the student attain the necessary skills and technical knowledge required to become a Hospital Administrator. The most important skill for an HA is communication skills, thus the course mandatorily includes concepts that enhance the communication skills of a student.We have specific classes devoted only for English language and Power skills training.
VEEKSHA EDUCATION moulds students as better professionals who are responsible for the administration of hospitals and healthcare services. Our Hospital Management/administration course aims to prepare students to efficiently work in Operations, Patient care, Quality, Information Management, Marketing, Human Resource, Planning, Strategy, Development, Supply Chain Management, Procedures and documentation of various requirements in the hospital sector.