Chartered Accountancy or commonly known as CA, is a professional course that equips one with technical knowledge to manage finance, accounting and taxation for an organization or any business entity.

A chartered accountant is an internationally recognised financial professional who manages budgets, auditing, taxes and business strategies for clients. As a CA, you can work for businesses, the government and individuals. Your job is to provide expert financial advice and help clients manage their funds.

CA Course Details
The CA course details contain all the information a student requires to pursue the Chartered Accountant course. Essentially, there are 2 levels to the CA course:
* CA Foundation: The entry-level national examination that acts as the initial step to becoming a CA is the foundation course. The attempt at this examination is an offline method. The Chartered accountant exam is conducted biannually by the ICAI. The syllabus focuses on CA’s application, comprehension, and knowledge aspects. Each paper is 100 marks with a 180 minutes duration.
* CA Intermediate: To bridge the gap between the fundamentals of the CA course and the advanced CA course, students pursue the intermediate course. The course provides students with the knowledge of technology and essential skills required for becoming a CA. The intermediate subject is divided into two groups. After completing the CA foundation exam, aspirants can attempt the CA Intermediate Exam individually or together (subject groups).
* CA Final: In the final CA final course, students must clear all the subjects in one go. Failing to do so will result in them repeatedly taking exams for the entire level. The candidate must pay INR 22,000/- (Indian student) or 1100 US$ (International student) to enrol in the CA Final Course.

The CA Graduate Course covers advanced financial reporting, management accounting, strategic financial management, professional ethics, information system management, and advanced auditing. The General Management and Communication Skill Course (GMCS), which began in 2003, is a 15-day mandatory training course.